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Hi reader ! welcome to my humble blog , as do you read at my welcome allert my English is broken , Haha , just know me as Oxygen oke , I want to be a poem writter , support me ! i writting because i want to full this world with a lot of Love , want talk with me just enter at my CBox :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

oh dear

dear love,
i may not say it clearly in front of you so that you can hear it with your ears
i may not have the guts to create such a romantic atmosphere when I’m near you
i may be the most filthy coward in this whole universe of yours
but, i want to write something here clearly, that I Love You…
i never intended to keep it for myself and not letting you know it…
but i want you to find your way to the path that i built
the path is leading you directly to me…
the only matter is, do you dare to follow the path to come and find me?