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Sunday, 1 July 2012


love never wrong…
i heard it  today. he was quoting one of this song that became the soundtrack of new Indonesian movie. then i was thinking, was love never wrong? if love never wrong, then why sometimes we felt that it does. sometimes things ain’t just felt right with love. sometimes love hurts, . sometimes love consists of obsession, possesiveness, or other things that uncomfortable for us.
if love never wrong, then why does people cries over love. why does people get angry because of love. and most of all, why does people often get jealous because of love.
or maybe we should see it in other way. love never wrong, but we are the one who made mistakes. we let ourselves to be mad, to cry, and to get jealous because of love. we get bored with love. we depends on love too much, til when something went wrong we blamed love for that.
which one is right? you decide… all i know, people always try to find something else to be blamed on. that’s our nature…