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Hi reader ! welcome to my humble blog , as do you read at my welcome allert my English is broken , Haha , just know me as Oxygen oke , I want to be a poem writter , support me ! i writting because i want to full this world with a lot of Love , want talk with me just enter at my CBox :)


I’m just a fellow human. Living in a megapolitan city, inside a big world, across the universe. I love to read, I love to see the orange ball bouncing up and down roll over to the hoops, I love to watch movies, I love medical serials, I love science fiction serials, I love anything that I could love.
I love and admire God a lot.. He’s the best Artist in the world, for sure. He’s also my Saviour, Guard, Refugee…
Well, that’s it from me. Enjoy my un-inportant but oh so important blog of mine

i'm a such crazy girl without inoccent face and also be a part of 'duckface' , i like to do what i love to do , i'm in searching a true love and i know it so hard to find ^^ for me do a dumb face will make me happy , want to hate me ? go ahead i won't stop you ! because i will love you , aumm <3 last word from me please be my true love and i will love you